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We’re preparing for the 2023 version of The Challenge at Goat Hill Park but we have some great discs left over from 2022!   We’re working hard to present another fantastic tournament at the Goat, with top players and a tough yet exciting course layout.  Players want payout, and straw bales for Goat-a-Mids aren’t free, so we’re raising funds with these great Innova discs sporting Andrew Laitinen’s  fantastic artwork.  Thanks for your support – we’ll see you February 10-12, 2023!

Star Beasts!!!!!  Here’s a disc that is somewhat forgotten, and I don’t understand why.  The Beast is a great driver disc, especially for players that don’t have “Destroyer power”.  These Beasts are in available in the full range of weights – we got some right around 150 grams, some in the 160s, and some in the 170’s.  The 150/160-ish make a great driver choice for age-protected players and others who find other drivers to be too overstable.  The flight numbers on the Beast are 10, 5,-2, 2, which means that while there’s SOME high-speed turn these discs are not necessarily “flippy”.  And the “2” at the end means there IS some low-speed fade.  You can see more info on the Beast on the Innova website.  These Beasts are made from Innova’s Star plastic.  Very durable and with better glide than their Champion counterparts.  Weights and stamp colors are listed in the drop-down menu.

Thank you for supporting The Challenge 2022!

Questions?  Send an email to Allen Risley (ajrisley@yahoo.com).  He’ll do his best to answer your questions.  You won’t receive an email when you order (we’re working on fixing that…) but you WILL receive an email when your order ships (as long as you don’t mistype your email address…yes, that happens).  Enjoy!

Additional information

Weight 170 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 2 cm
Color and Stamp

Pink with Flag Foil 170, Pink with White Stamp 163, Pink with Rainbow Foil 162, Blue with Rainbow Foil 170, Blue with Rainbow Foil 169, Purple with Rainbow Foil 165, Purple with Rasta Foil 164, Purple with Rasta Foil 166, Orange with Rasta Foil 172, Orange with Rainbow Foil 170, Orange with White Stamp 170, Orange with White Stamp 165, Green with White Stamp 171, Purple with Flag Foil 162, Blue with Rainbow Foil 163, Yellow with Rasta Foil 148