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We’re preparing for the 2023 version of The Challenge at Goat Hill Park but we have some great discs left over from 2022!  

Glow Quantum Dracos!!!!!   Ever wonder why Calvin Heimburg has a Millennium logo on the shirts he wears during tournaments?  It’s because of the Draco.  The Draco is very similar to the Innova Firebird, which is THE STANDARD by which all overstable fairway drivers are measured.  The Draco is a great headwind fighter and resists off-axis torque like a champ.  These are also pretty flat, similar to the flat-top ‘Birds where they run a special press on them to make them flatter (or something like that…).  All of these discs are orange in color, stamp colors are listed in the drop-down menu.  Weights are either 167 or173-5g (also listed in the drop-down).

Thank you for supporting The Challenge 2022!

Questions?  Send an email to Allen Risley (ajrisley@yahoo.com) and he’ll do his best to answer you.

Additional information

Weight 170 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 2 cm
Disc & Stamp Color

Blue Shatter Foil 173-5, Rasta Foil 173-5, Purple Foil 173-5, Flag Foil 167, Black Stamp 167