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We’re preparing for the 2023 version of The Challenge at Goat Hill Park but we have some great discs left over from 2022!  

QMS!!!!!   The Millennium Aurora QMS (or Quantum Midrange Straight) is one of the straightest-flying, neutral midrange discs available.  Millennium’s Quantum plastic is very similar to Innova’s Champion plastic and these discs are slightly flexible and very clear.  I first threw an Aurora when Kevin Gomez let me borrow one of his at Am Worlds in 2007.  I found my own gummy tie-dye QMS that cycled in and out of my bag for a few years, until the first-run Star Mako took that spot.  But the QMS slides back into my bag when I feel like having a gummier feel for my midrange.  But enough about me.  If YOU are looking for a midrange disc with ample glide, and one that will fly on the line you throw it on, whether straight, anhyzer or hyzer…you want one of these discs.  Flight numbers on the QMS are 4, 5, 0, 0.  You can find more information on the QMS on the Millennium website.  Disc colors, stamp colors and weights are listed in the drop-down menu.

If you’re having trouble getting your hands on an original Mako or a Coyote…get one of these!

Thank you for supporting The Challenge 2023!

Questions?  Send an email to Allen Risley (ajrisley@yahoo.com) and he’ll do his best to answer you.

Additional information

Weight 170 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 2 cm
Disc & Stamp Color

Yellow with Black stamp 170, Yellow with Blue Shatter foil 180, Yellow with Gold foil 180, Purple with Blue Shatter foil 180, Purple with Gold foil 180, Pink with Gold foil 180, Pink with Blue Shatter foil 180, Orange with Purple foil 170, Orange with Blue Shatter foil 173, Orange with Flag foil 172