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Beautiful Star Halo plastic with a variety of rim and flightplate colors and our 2023 stamp for The Challenge at Goat Hill Park (art by Andrew Laitinen).  Disc weights vary and are listed in the drop-down menu.   Disc and stamp colors vary and are listed in the drop-down.  Whoever is first gets to pick!!

Halo Star XCalibers!!!!!  There were a total of 10 Halo XCalibers produced in December 2023 for The Challenge.

The XCaliber is one of the beefiest distance drivers on the market.  The XCal is a great forehand distance driver for players with ample power.  It’s also good for backhand players wanting a disc that will predictably fade hard at the end of flight.  Lots and Lots of fade.  These XCals are made from Innova’s Halo Star plastic.  Flight numbers for the XCal are 12, 5, 0, 4.  You can find more information on the XCaliber on the Innova website.

Each disc is unique.  We are doing our best to describe the color of the discs and hotstamps – some of the colors are a bit transitional.  The drop-down menu will list the color of the flightplate first, then rim, then stamp type and weight.

Because of the high demand on Halos and our desire to spread the “Goat Love”, we are limiting sales of these discs to one of each mold/color combination per order.

Thank you for supporting The Challenge 2023!

Additional information

Weight 174 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 2 cm
Disc and Stamp Color

Blue/Pink Blue Shatter Foil 175, Blue/White Rainbow Foil 175, Lime/Aqua Blue Shatter Foil 171, Lime/Aqua Rainbow Foil 170, Lime/Pink Rasta Foil 175, Purple/Aqua Flag Foil 170, Purple/Aqua Flag Foil 175, Purple/Aqua Holo Star Foil 171, Purple/Aqua Rasta Foil 171, Purple/White Holo Star Foil 175