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It’s time for the 2023 version of The Challenge at Goat Hill!!!  And with the new year comes a fresh tournament logo! Andrew Laitinen has given “Challenge” our goat mascot, a fresh look for 2023 with a nod to all of our baskets perched on mounds and the straw bale “Goat-a-Mids” that our fans love.  We’re kicking off the “Road to the Championship” as the first 2023 USDGC Qualifier, so get ready to see some top disc golf talent try to secure an early bid to disc golf’s showcase event.  Thanks for your support – we’ll see you February 10-12, 2023!

Galactic Sonics!!!!!   The Sonic is definitely a throwback disc.  It’s actually adapted for disc golf from a “dog disc”, the Hero 235 from Innova partner HeroDiscUSA.  Hero is the leading maker of flying discs for competitive disc dog athletes, but dogs aren’t the only fans of these discs!  The Sonic is a lot like the old Wham-O Fastback Frisbee, which I used to play catch with along with my best friend, Kurtis.  We would ride our bikes down to the Miracle City Mall and throw our Fastback in the entryway to the mall – the air currents there were wild and the Fastback would dance in the currents…but that’s a story for another time…

YOU want to hear about the modern-day “Hero” of the Sonic, Garrett Gurthie!  Garrett is undoubtedly the best known Sonic thrower in professional disc golf.  He uses the Sonic as an approach putter and has amazing touch with this disc.  Garrett learned how to play disc golf from old-time Frisbee throwers, and they taught him the value of having a disc that really allows you to shape your shots.  The Sonic is one of the more “catch disc-like” disc golf discs.  Learn how to throw the Sonic and your overall disc golf game will improve.

Do you like lots of swirly colors?  Do you like very, very, very stiff plastic for your discs?  Well then, this is the disc for you!  These Sonics are made from the super stiff Galactic Pro plastic with tons of colorful swirls!   Our best guesses of a description of each disc are listed in the drop-down menu. The flight numbers for the Sonic are 1, 2,-4, 0, which means it’s a slow-flying disc with minimal glide, will flip over if thrown very hard and has no low-speed fade – it will finish flat.  You can find out more about the Sonic on the Innova website.

The discs are in high demand, so we are limiting them to two per order.  If you make two separate orders within a few minutes we will combine shipping but NOT MORE THAN TWO!!!!!!!

Thank you for supporting The Challenge 2023!

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Weight 177 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 2 cm
Disc Color and Stamp

Gray/Blue-Green Holo Lines 169, Gray/Blue-Green Holo Lines 179, Gray/Gold Foil 170, Gray/Jelly Bean 170, Gray/Purple Holo Lines 179, Gray/Rainbow Foil 169, Gray/Rainbow Foil 177, Gray/Rainbow Foil 179, Green/Jelly Bean 168, Purple/Blue Green Holo Lines 171