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2022 is upon us and it’s time to get ready for The Challenge at Goat Hill Park, Presented by Innova Disc Golf!  We’re working hard to present another fantastic tournament at the Goat, with top players and a tough yet exciting course layout.  Players want payout, and straw bales for Goat-a-Mids aren’t free, so we’re raising funds with these great Innova discs sporting Andrew Laitinen’s  fantastic artwork.  Thanks for your support – we’ll see you May 6-8, 2022!

Are you looking for a very overstable putt/approach disc?  Do you like lots of swirly colors?  Do you like very, very, very stiff plastic for your discs?  Well then, this is the disc for you!  These Pigs are made from the super stiff Galactic Pro plastic with tons of colorful swirls!   Our best guesses of a description of each disc are listed in the drop-down menu.  Weights are between 170-175g.

Because of the high demand on these discs and our desire to spread the “Goat Love”, we are limiting sales of these discs to one per order.

If you make two separate orders within a few minutes we will combine shipping but NOT MORE THAN TWO!!!!!!!

Thank you for supporting The Challenge 2022!

Additional information

Weight 175 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 2 cm
Disc Description

Wonderbread Pink Crown 175, Wonderbread Blue Flame 175, Wonderbread Pink Rim 175, Purple Rose Foil Blue Rim 175, Purple Rose Foil Blue Sides 171, Checkerboard Foil Yellowy 171, Checkerboard Foil Green on Rim 175, Checkerboard Foil Green Bottom 172, Zebra Foil Blue Shield 170, Zebra Foil Red Nose 171, Zebra Foil Yellow Circle 175, Holo Heart Foil Orange Back 175, Holo Heart Foil Blue on Tail 172, Holo Heart Foil Blue Crown 175, Holo Heart Foil Pink Rim 176, Zebra Foil Yellow Halo 170, Purple Rose Foil Red Tail 175, Checkerboard Foil Lots O Green 175, Purple Rose Foil Flame 171