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Purchase this item to sponsor one of the Drop Zone signs for The Challenge at Goat Hill Park, Presented by Innova.  We have a few mandatories out on the course at Goat Hill Park.  Most of these are in place to keep players on the proper fairway – when ball golfers are playing you DO NOT want to be playing down a parallel fairway, as golf balls hurt!  But there are a few mandatories in spots where we needed a spot for a hazard line to begin.  Go figure.  Signs are 24″ by 18″ and printed directly on foam-core board.  You will receive the sign after the tournament is over AND your sign will be featured in the caddie book received by all of the tournament players and prominently placed at the drop zone so players know who has helped them recover from missing the mandatory.

The artwork shown here is the draft artwork for the 2022 Drop Zone signs.

Thank you for supporting the Challenge at Goat Hill Park!!!