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In 2020 we had a fun side contest for The Challenge, Part 2.  We held a CTP contest, first prize was an LVC edition Nate Sexton Firebird!  We’re doing a similar contest this year.  The CTP prize isn’t a Sexton Firebird, but it IS a special edition 2021 Japan Open Destroyer.  If we are able to have spectators at The Challenge at Goat Hill Park on May 7-9 we will set up a portable basket for the CTP contest, about a 150 ft. shot.  Each entry ticket that you buy here will be for one throw at the CTP.  Tickets are $5 each.  If all you are ordering is CTP entries, choose the “CTP Entry ONLY” shipping method for $1.  If you’re also buying some discs, we can slide the CTP tickets in with your discs.

If we are not able to have spectators on site we will award the Japan Open Destroyer via a drawing of everyone who purchased a CTP entry.

Wondering if there’s another Sexton Firebird?  There is!  We have some runner-up prizes to show our appreciation for those who enter the CTP contest and don’t win the grand prize.  And one of those prizes is a 2021 LVC Edition Nate Sexton Firebird!  The disc we have is pictured as the main image for this product offering.  It is a 2021 Firebird with gold foil stamp.  This disc has come very nice black swirls in the plastic.  It is clearly worth several hundred dollars.  Hang on to your CTP tickets, because if you don’t win the CTP the tickets might win you the Firebird.  Many thanks to Las Vegas disc golfer Ed Higgins for donating this disc to The Challenge!

And just like last year, we will start with several more great collectible discs as additional runner-up prizes.  Those discs are listed below and will be listed on our CTP contest page on this website.  And every time we sell 20 tickets…we will add another prize to the list.  You can be part of the process, helping us pick what to add next.  Follow “thechallengeatgoathill” on Instagram, where we will run polls to let YOU vote on what gets added next.

Help us support The Challenge at Goat Hill Park, 2021 Edition!


2022 Japan Open Smoky Black Champion Destroyer (CTP Prize) (from the Risley Collection)

Runner-up Prizes:

  • 2021 LVC Special Edition Nate Sexton Firebird (courtesy of Ed Higgins)
  • 2022 Japan Open Smoky Black Champion Thunderbird (white stamp) (courtesy of Jeff Jacquart)
  • Team LVC stamp Las Vegas Challenge Shimmer Star Destroyer (courtesy of Jeff Jacquart)
  • Las Vegas Challenge DX Leopard (148g) (courtesy of Jeff Jacquart)
  • Throw Pink Star Destroyer (courtesy of Jeff Jacquart)
  • 11X Ken Climo Champion Firebird (super flat)  (from the Risley Collection)
  • Full Color Mountain Pride DGC “Tire Basket” Star RocX3 (from the Risley Collection)
  • USDGC 2019 Sirius Millennium Falcon (courtesy of Jeff Jacquart)
  • GStar Pegasus (courtesy of Teddy Barber)
  • Ohn Scoggins Tour Series Halo Leopard3 (courtesy of the Fairy Golf Mother)
  • Garrett Gurthie Tour Series Star Sonic (courtesy of the Fairy Golf Mother)
  • Ricky Wysocki Tour Series Pro Pig (courtesy of the Fairy Golf Mother)
  • Jennifer Allen Tour Series Star Teebird (courtesy of the Fairy Golf Mother)
  • 2021 Calvin Heimburg Tour Series Halo Destroyer (courtesy of the Fairy Golf Mother)
  • 2021 Jessica Weese Tour Series Luster Champion Shryke (courtesy of the Fairy Golf Mother)