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Beautiful Star Halo plastic with a brown/gray rim and our 2022 stamp for The Challenge at Goat Hill Park (art by Andrew Laitinen).  These discs all weigh in at 180g.  There are only 6 Mako3s with this type of color.  Stamp colors vary, listed in the drop-down  Who ever is first gets to pick!!

There were a total of 20 Mako3s produced in December 2021.  The colors and quantities of each color are listed below, along with whether they have been listed for sale.

  • Red – 5 – Listed for sale
  • Brown/Gray – 6 – Listed for sale – [This color is a blend…hard to describe…each is unique]
  • Lime Green – 2 – Listed for sale
  • Blue – 5 – Listed for sale
  • Gray – 1 – Listed for sale
  • Brown – 1 – Listed for sale

Each disc is unique.  We are doing our best to describe the color of the discs and hotstamps – some of the colors are a bit transitional.

Because of the high demand on Halos and our desire to spread the “Goat Love”, we are limiting sales of these discs to one of each mold/color combination per order.

Thank you for supporting The Challenge 2022!

Additional information

Weight 174 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 2 cm

White Matte, Rasta Foil, Silver Holo Prism Foil