The map below is interactive and displays the layout for The Challenge. It views best on a computer monitor. You can open it up to full screen by clicking on the box icon in the upper-right corner (you’ll probably want to do this). You can zoom in, zoom out and click on markers and lines to get additional information (divisions using that tee, distances, pars).

Many holes have two tees. On this map, the first tee and 18th basket are marked with black markers, all other tee pads and baskets are marked with teal colored markers. At the tournament, flags at the tees denote the group of divisions teeing off on that pad. If more than one group uses a pad there will be more than one color flag at the tee. For example, all players use the same tee on hole 2, so both colors of flags will be at that tee. A different example is hole 1, which has two tee pads – each tee will have a single color flag.

Flag colors and division assignments are as follows:

  • White flags: MP40, MP50, MP60, MA1, MA40
  • Red flags: FA1, MA2, MA3, MA50, MA60

You can see maps for individual holes by viewing the tee signs from The Challenge Part 1. The only difference between these tees and the tees for Part 2 (Aug 22-23) is that the back tee on hole #3 will not be used (all players will tee from the turf tee on hole #3).