New Tee Pads for the Goat!

Goat Hill Park has many disc golf fans out there in Frisbeterian-land, but one sore spot that shows up in many reviews is the condition of the tee pads. Yes, the original rubber mats have seen better days. So it’s time to do something about that. It’s turf time!

New turf tee pads on the way!

The details are being worked out as I type this, but this much I can tell you – all 18 holes at the Goat will get new turf tee pads, professionally installed, with some minor adjustments to the locations of a few tees (e.g., #2 will no longer point straight at a tree, #14 will no longer be in a drainage path, etc.).

But if you’ve ever looked into the price of artificial turf…it ain’t cheap. Sure, we could cut costs by buying used turf or by trying to install it ourselves; but if we’re going to do this we’re going to do it right. The amazing partners at Goat Hill Park are ponying up much of the cost of these new pads, but not all of it. That’s where YOU come in. Innova Disc Golf is helping out as well by allowing The Challenge to be the first event to have a custom hotstamp on their new Splatter Star plastic run of discs. In the next few days we will begin selling Destroyers, TeeBirds and Shrykes made of Splatter Star plastic with the tournament stamp for The Challenge at Goat Hill Park – Driven by Innova. The discs run $20 with ALL of the proceeds from the sales going towards improving the tee pads at Goat Hill Park!

These first run Splatter discs will be available soon for sale at Goat Hill Park and at any place where you see TD Allen Risley. You can also email Allen at or comment on our Instagram or Twitter feeds to make a purchase. There will be a variety of colors available. If you’ve ever cursed the tee pads at the Goat, now’s your chance to help make the tee pads better. Buy a Splattered Goat today!

Play the “Goat-Fecta”

Ever heard of a trifecta? Its a type of bet at a horse racing track where you try to bet the winners of three races. Well, this year at The Challenge we will have the “Goat-Fecta”. What the heck is that you say? The Goat-Fecta is a contest where players will earn points based on their finish at three events: The Jonesboro Open, The Glass Blown Open and The Challenge at Goat Hill Park – Driven by Innova. Points will be earned using the point schedule used by the Disc Golf Pro Tour, with points for Goat Hill doubled. Touring pros who compete in those events will be playing for added cash based on their points:

MPO: 1st – $200, 2nd – $100, 3rd – $50

FPO: 1st – $100, 2nd – $50

This is a way for us to provide a little added incentive for touring pros to head southwest to Oceanside, CA after their week in Emporia. Right now we have $500 budgeted for the Goat-Fecta, which is above and beyond the $4,000 in added cash to the pro purse we have in the current budget. And we’re working on ways to raise even more!

So if you’re a touring pro, make your travel plans to head to sunny Oceanside after Emporia. And if you’re not a touring pro…we have tee sign sponsorships and Goat merchandise for sale to raise funds for the payout! See you at the Goat!!!

Experience The Challenge!

Boy, have we got lot planned for you this year at The Challenge! A Friday night players party, UDiscLive and PDGALive scoring, next-day video coverage from Central Coast Disc Golf, a killer Am players pack from Innova Disc Golf, Freakers(!), and of course….The Goat (the course). And we’ve expanded the size of the field almost two-fold – from 127 players in 2018 to a projected 200 players in 2019 for the combined A- and B-tier fields.

But this year we’ve expanded the meaning of that YOU we mentioned in the opening sentence. In 2019, YOU are not only a tournament player – YOU are players, spectators, sponsors AND volunteers! In 2019 we’ve taken the approach of expanding The Challenge at Goat Hill Park to be more than just a disc golf tournament for the registered players. This year The Challenge is being planned to fun and value for others as well. Along with all the things we listed above for players, the 2019 edition of The Challenge will offer:

  • For spectators: Great players to watch and be amazed by (registered as of 2/22/2019): Kevin Jones, Chandler Fry, A.J. Risley, Nick Wood, Eric Oakley, Jesse Bickley, Max Nichols, Clint Calvin and Sias Elmore (Pros – if you’re not listed here it’s because you haven’t signed up yet…). A full vendor experience, including booths from, SDSF, Nitro Monkey Coffee, Rickaroons and more, plus food from UpSkewerz and [insert your name here] and local craft beer on tap! We’ll have a putting challenge for you to try out and “Goat discs” that you’ll want to take home. Friday will be a special spectating day for kids – teachers, let us be your field day destination!
  • For sponsors: Let The Challenge be your vehicle for reaching new, active lifestyle customers and your entree into the wonderful sport that is disc golf! We have lots of sponsor opportunities to fit just about any budget: tee sign sponsors, full, 1/2 and 1/4-page ads in our caddie book, merchandise sponsors for our amateur divisions and more. Sponsorship gets you or your business listed on our website, in our caddie book (that goes out to 200 players), on our sponsor banners and mentioned continuously on our social media (contact Allen Risley, Tournament Director).
  • For volunteers: Can’t play The Challenge but you want to be a part of the action? We need all sorts of helpers, from organizers who take on big tasks to spotters, scorekeepers and ticket-sellers. Volunteers will get entrance to the tournament grounds, get fed and get tournament schwag for helping out. We’ll make it worth your while!

But wait, there’s more! Yeah, we have some big ideas…and some of them will pan out, others might not. Things we have been considering but not inked yet include: live music for the player’s party, a long-drive competition, combined disc golf/ball golf doubles on Friday afternoon, Thursday skins, a goat petting zoo, a VIP spectator pass (Goat-stamped disc, shirt and lanyard) and a Saturday night get-together. Want to help us make these things happen or do you have your own killer idea? Comment below.

Join the fun and help us make The Challenge at Goat Hill Park a memorable disc golf event! May 3-5, 2019 in Oceanside. Write it on your calendar. Right now!

MPO/FPO Registration is available!

Registration for the A-tier side of The Challenge at Goat Hill Park – Driven by Innova is available on (click here). The A-tier side of the tournament will be playing three days – Friday, May 3rd through Sunday, May 5th, 2019. The Goat Hill Park tournament, a Disc Golf Pro Tour Test Event and USDGC qualifier, will have three days of next-day video coverage by Central Coast Disc Golf and three days of UDiscLive scoring to highlight the professional players competing at our event.

Plans are underway to create a destination event at Goat Hill Park. All registered players are invited to a Welcome Players party at the Goat on Friday night where we will provide food, tunes, disc games, a freestyle Frisbee show from 5-time PDGA Women’s Champion Juliana Korver and 21-time World Freestyle Champion Dave Schiller, and a glorious Oceanside sunset. We’ll also have a selection of San Diego’s finest craft beers for a nominal charge. We’re developing a list of local “host homes” for touring players looking for an economical place to stay or park their touring vehicle and we’re working with to find reasonably-priced hotels if you’re so inclined.

We will be advertising for and encouraging spectators at this year’s event – focusing on kids from local schools on Friday and opening up for spectators of all ages over the weekend. We’ll have food vendors available all three days of the tournament and a full vendor experience on Saturday and Sunday, including table space for touring players wanting to sell their own fundraising discs and merchandise.

Join us at the Goat! We’re snuggled right between the Glass Blown Open and the San Francisco Open on your tournament calendar. Contact Tournament Director Allen Risley with any questions you may have.

B-Tier Registration is Open!

Registration for the B-tier side of The Challenge is now open on DiscGolfU. This is the 2-day portion of the tournament and includes all divisions other than MPO and FPO. There are caps on the divisions (in order to keep divisions at multiples of 4). If your division fills, sign up for the waiting list – if all divisions do not fill their cap spots we will move those spots to other divisions (in a few weeks).

Don’t miss…anything

Do you want to keep up on all the latest information regarding The Challenge? Of course you do! And we would sure appreciate it if you helped us get the word out. One of the best ways to do that is to follow and/or “like” our various communications accounts and platforms. Here’s how you can do just that:

Check this website from time to time. There will be stories to let you know what’s being done to organize and develop the tournament…AND how you can help make The Challenge a great disc golf tournament and event. So…save this link:

Instagram much? Yeah, us too. We’re finding that it’s a great way to show off the beauty of the Goat. And it’s a great way to showcase our growing list of sponsors, partners and vendors. So if you’re the visual type, “follow” this Instagram account: thechallengeatgoathill

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Do you like Facebook? We hear the Russians do too. But, let’s save the political stuff for another day. Our point? The best way to follow The Challenge on Facebook is through our Facebook event page:

The PDGA has a pair of event pages set up for The Challenge. The A-tier page is here. The B-tier page is here. These pages will be the best way to keep track of who is registered to play in The Challenge.

Want to register to play? Hopefully you’re not too late. If you are, there are wait lists. We’re using for registration. The A-tier registration page is here, B-tier page is here.

And if you have questions, ideas, good jokes…send an email to the Tournament Director (Allen Risley).

Let’s do it!

Registration factoids…

Registration for The Challenge opens up next week: Monday, January 21st, 2019 at 12:15 pm (Pacific time) for the B-tier event (All Am divisions and age-protected Pros), while the A-tier opens on Thursday, January 24th at 12:15pm (Pacific time) (MPO and FPO).

Registration links:

A-tier (MPO/FPO):

B-tier (Ams and age-protected Pros):

Why 12:15pm, you may ask? Well, it’s midday so if there are any technical issues the tech gurus at DGU will be available to provide help. And it’s set for 15 minutes after the hour because I was told that setting the time for 12:00pm was “ambiguous” (some people get confused about whether 12:00 pm is noon or midnight…).

We’re not expecting to have a mad rush for registration, but just in case, please, please, please only use ONE device to access the registration page. When you use more than one device (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) those extra devices take up server connections, which then slows down server access and makes the registration slower for everyone (yourself included). Those multiple devices also make it more likely that you will register (and get charged) more than one time, which then means you’ll have to spend extra time getting a refund. Finally, if you want to see whether your registration went through, DON’T check the list on DGU – check your email for the confirmation email OR check the registration list on the page for the tournament. DGU now quickly and automatically updates the PDGA page in near- real time, which is a great improvement.

Also, please note that we have set division caps on all of the B-tier event divisions. Those caps were set in order to make sure that we have divisions with multiples of 4 players, so you’ll be able to be sure that everyone on your tournament card is in the same division as you. And the cap amounts were set based on the number of players that played in that division for the last two years of The Challenge. If some of the divisions do not fill, the extra spots will get moved to other divisions well in advance of the tournament (there’s only so much you can control in this life…).

We have nearly DOUBLED the size of the field this year. The expansion of the field is currently being earmarked for the MPO and FPO divisions – all other divisions will be generally the same size as the past few years. Why? Because we’re trying to take The Challenge to the “next level”. With major help from Innova Disc Golf, we have added features (USDGC invitations, CCDG next-day video coverage, UDiscLive online scoring) this year that we hope will draw some top-level professional discs golfers to the Goat. Why? Because we think it would be a lot of fun to see a top-level field play this ornery beast of a course. AND, we think that a top-flight field may help draw some spectators to the course…and that might get more recognition for disc golf in our area…which might help lead to more courses for all of us to play. It’s an idea…let’s see if we can make it work.

See you in May!

The Road to Winthrop Gold Goes Through Goat Hill Park!

Big news for The Challenge! The Challenge at Goat Hill Park – Driven by Innova has been added to the list of USDGC Qualifier Events for 2019! The top five finishers in MPO at The Challenge who have not already qualified for the 2019 USDGC by May 3-5 will be awarded invitations to the United States Disc Golf Championship, held at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

This is the first time that an event held in Southern California has been tapped to award USDGC invitations since the glory days of the Golden State Classic at La Mirada. We at The Challenge are pleased and honored to have this opportunity and are deep into the process of preparing an event worthy of qualifying players for one of disc golf’s premier events. We can assure the USDGC organizers that the five players who move on to Rock Hill from Goat Hill will have been tested by distance, elevation change, wind and tough pin positions.

2019 USDGC Qualifying Events

If you’re a touring PDGA pro player we hope you decide to accept The Challenge and come to Oceanside, CA on the weekend of May 3-5, 2019. Take the southern route from Emporia to San Francisco – the combination of USDGC invitations, CCDG next-day coverage, UDisc Live scoring, ample payout, San Diego craft beer and beautiful Goat Hill Park sunsets will make it worth your while.

Online registration opens on DGU January 28th.