Course Rules Sheets

The course rules document, in pdf format, is available for download here. There are three separate pages, each page is appropriate for one of the following tee pad groups:

Blue Tees: MPO

White Tees: FPO, MP40, MP50, MP60, MA1, MA40

Red Tees: FA1, FA2, MA2, MA3, MA50, MA60

All golf greens are OB, play next shot from last spot in-bounds. Over property fence line or driving range screen are OB, play next shot from last spot in-bounds. All sand bunkers are Hazards, play next shot from standard lie in hazard with one stroke penalty. Missed mandatories incur one stroke penalty, play next shot from marked drop zone.

2-meter rule IS in effect.

#TheChallenge – FAQ’s

Q – 1 – When will tee times be posted?

A1 – Friday tee times for MPO/FPO are scheduled to be posted at 5pm Wednesday. Saturday tee times for all other divisions are scheduled to be posted Thursday at 5pm.

Q2 – When do the Pros play on Friday?

A2 – Tee times begin at 8am on Friday for MPO/FPO.

Q3 – When is the Player’s Party?

A3 – Friday from 6-9pm. We will have a Hawaiian BBQ buffet prepared by Chad Fukuda and Z Cafe for all registered players and the unveiling of our “Challenge the Goat Amber” beer from Yellhaus (at a modest price). If you are not a registered player and want to eat, buffet wristbands will be available for $10.

Q4 – I hear we have to pay to come watch. What’s up with that?

A4 – Renting out a golf course for the weekend is not cheap. We’re asking spectators who are being entertained by our event to pitch in a little. No spectator charge on Friday. Saturday and Sunday: $5 per day (includes a beverage ticket) or you can get the 2-day VIP pass, which includes a VIP lanyard/badge, beverage ticket and a tournament-stamp disc from Innova Disc Golf (Jet Black DX Aviar or Glow Champion VRoc).

The Challenge – Weekend Tee Time Projections

These are projections – there will be minor modifications as the number of players in divisions shifts with drops and adds. Official tee times for MPO/FPO will be posted on Wednesday at 5pm. Official tee times for all other divisions will be posted on Thursday at 5pm.

#Tee time
18:00 AMMA3
28:08 AMMA3
38:16 AMMA3
48:24 AMMA2
58:32 AMMA2
68:40 AMMA2
78:48 AMFA2
88:56 AMFA1
99:04 AMMA60
109:12 AMMA50
119:20 AMMA50
129:28 AMMA40
139:36 AMMA40
149:44 AMMA1
159:52 AMMA1
1610:00 AMMA1
1710:08 AMMA1
1810:16 AMMA1
1910:24 AMMA1
2010:32 AMMP60
2110:40 AMMP50
2210:48 AMMP50
2310:56 AMMP40
2411:04 AMMP40
2511:12 AMMP40
2611:20 AMFPO
2711:28 AMMPO
2811:36 AMMPO
2911:44 AMMPO
3011:52 AMMPO
3112:00 PMMPO
3212:08 PMMPO
3312:16 PMMPO
3412:24 PMMPO
3512:32 PMMPO
3612:40 PMMPO
3712:48 PMMPO
3812:56 PMMPO
391:04 PMMPO
401:12 PMMPO
411:20 PMMPO
421:28 PMMPO
431:36 PMMPO
441:44 PMMPO
451:52 PMMPO
462:00 PMMPO
472:08 PMMPO
482:16 PMMPO
492:24 PMMPO
502:32 PMMPO

April Goat Hill Park/San Diego Aces Monthly Results

71 players came out for the first Goat Hill Park monthly of 2019, many looking for a warm-up for The Challenge, coming up on May 3-5. Results are listed below:

NameDivisionScore Payout 
Brandie MyersLadies’ Open83 $       10
Natalie BrownLadies’ Open89
Rachel TragerLadies’ Adv85 $       20
Danielle BellLadies’ Adv86 $         3
Kaili PetersenLadies’ Adv86 $         3
Cindy Jin-BergLadies’ Adv92
Ashley CaseLadies’ Adv99
Garrett TapkenMen’s Open63 $     100
Marc JarvisMen’s Open64 $       75
George SpracklenMen’s Open65 $       50
Carlos CaballeroMen’s Open66
Scott MillerMen’s Open67
Buddy TrittMen’s Open68
Josh JuncalMen’s Open68
Joseph BrunoMen’s Open69
Aaron AlarconMen’s Open69
Alex GerlockMen’s Open71
Max NicholsMen’s Open71
Michael LustMen’s Open72
Jesse HendersonMen’s Open72
Michael BrownMen’s Open73
Rusty EdwardsAdv63 $     100
Michael WestermanAdv66 $       70
Brian ElliottAdv67 $       40
Kevin GomezAdv67 $       40
Mike DesparsAdv69 $         5
Shane DehnerAdv69 $         5
David CaseAdv69 $         5
Trevan AllisonAdv69 $         5
Scott TrulliiAdv70
Jerry JonesAdv71
Jon BergAdv71
Kyle O’NeillAdv71
Evan TaylorAdv71
Alex NicholsAdv72
Nin ChauAdv72
Chase ChamberlainAdv73
Hunter RampAdv73
Isaiah SpracklenAdv73
Jimmy BellAdv73
Brandon SapiaAdv75
Jimmy ToweyAdv75
Andrew AllenAdv76
Dino ArellanoAdv76
Jeff NicholsAdv77
Eric ShanahanAdv78
Mike ReevesAdv80
Randy WylotAdv80
Matthew PecosAdv82
Daniel QuezadaInt62 $       45
Guy SuttonInt64 $       30
Brett MelnickInt66 $       15
Layne SuttonInt66 $       15
Jeff LynchInt67
Alex RussellInt68
Cris BangaoilInt69
Erik PetersenInt69
Brentt DellekInt71
Tom VincentInt71
Calvin OtjenInt72
Miguel CastilloInt72
Ryan WaltersInt72
Ethan VanAntwerpInt72
Cameron BlasInt73
Miguel AmbrizInt73
P.J. JaarsmaInt74
Glen BergInt75
Lawrence MendozaInt78
Derek SedlacekInt85
Cristian MedinaRec74 $       15
Chris SaldanaRec97

Johnny Discgolf Interviews AJ Risley

It’s Glass Blown Open week in Emporia, KS and Johnny Discgolf is on the scene interviewing bunches of top players in his very laid back yet eager style. Here’s an interview he did with Goat Hill Park local (and son of the TD) AJ Risley where they talk a bit about the Goat and our upcoming tournament. The video is cued up to start right where they begin talking about The Challenge, but if you’re a fan of the “Loose Cannon” go back and listen to the whole interview. Enjoy!

Nice pic!

Help us Grow!

A lot of work is being done to bring a top-level disc golf tournament to Goat Hill Park on May 3-5, 2019: The Challenge at Goat Hill Park – Driven by Innova. Our bid to join the Disc Golf Pro Tour includes:

  • 200 tournament players – including the largest field of 1,000-rated players ever seen in San Diego County and the most 1,000-rated players at a PDGA event May 3-5, 2019
  • Friday Night Welcome Player Party at the Goat
  • Next-day video coverage from Central Coast Disc Golf
  • UDiscLive scoring for MPO/FPO
  • USDGC invitations for 5 MPO players
  • “Challenge the Goat Amber” – a beer brewed especially for the event
  • Cinco de Mayo party after the final putt on Sunday – with 3 live bands!
  • Challenge the Goat Freaker socks in the Am player pack, along with 2 tournament-stamp discs
  • At least $4,000 in added ca$h to the pro field
  • New turf tee pads on all 18 holes
  • A full vendor experience on-site, with two food vendors, craft beer,, SDSF, Nitro Monkey Coffee, and more…

How can you help make this tournament, bigger…better…funner…prize-ier (OK, I made up that last word)?

  • Share this post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Next Door, wherever you can on social media
  • Jump in as a sponsor (we have tee signs available) or share the sponsor brochure with your friends, your boss, your rich uncle or aunt
  • Buy some of the cool Goat-stamped fundraiser discs we have available, including the first run of Splatter Star discs Innova has made
  • Buy some of our other schwag: Goat Supporter bag tags, Play Disc Golf! Freaker bottle coozies, Challenge the Goat Freaker socks, Challenge to Goat pins from
  • Be a VIP spectator for $20 – gets you a VIP lanyard, beverage coupon and a tournament-stamp disc
  • Slip the TD a twenty
  • Any or all of the above!!!

We have a chance to get The Challenge at Goat Hill Park on one of the major disc golf tours in the future. Help us do that by making this event one to remember!!!

Thanks!!!!!! – Allen Risley, Tournament Director, PDGA #1752