As we get closer to The Challenge it can be interesting to see how the players who are registered for our tournament are doing out on tour. Here’s some info from the MPO field at this weekend’s Texas State Championships (FPO will get it’s own post):

Calvin Heimburg – t5th
Garrett Gurthie – t5th
Nathan Queen – t11th
Alden Harris – t11th
Nikko Locastro – t16th
Emerson Keith – t16th
Austin Hoop – t16th
Kyle Klein – t20th
Colten Montgomery – t20th
Nate Perkins – t24th
Brodie Smith – t24th
Chris Clemons – t31st
Luke Humphries – t35th
Thomas Gilbert – t42nd
Tanner Girouard – t49th
Eric Oakley – t52nd
John Willis II – t52nd
Connor O’Reilly – t59th
Ian Burchett – t64th
Garrett Tapken – t66th
Luke Samson – t66th
Ezra Aderhold – t76th
Gavin Rathbun – t76th
Alexander Lyon – t92nd

And there are two other MPO players who finished in the top 5 at Texas States who are in the process of registering…

You can check out our registration page on – best field ever in San Diego County!

Featured image courtesy of JomezPro. Watch the video here:

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