We will be using PDGA Live digital scoring this weekend. We used it last weekend at the Clubhouse Clash and it was super-easy and fun! If you are afraid of technology, you can still use a paper scorecard, but we encourage you to embrace this new improvement to disc golf tournament scorekeeping.

Here’s the message that came up on the PDGA website when I turned on live scoring:

Official Digital Scorecard Usage Requirements:
A. All rules set forth in the Official Rules of Disc Golf Rule 808 scoring are in full effect and must be followed without exception.

  1. For the purposes of digital scoring, usage of the terms “turn in” and “return” shall mean “submit”.

B. All players must be informed that digital scoring is both official and authoritative.

  1. If an incorrect score is submitted and requires correction after the payer has confirmed and submitted it, a two-throw penalty will be assessed in accordance with rule 808 G.2.

C. An alternative scoring method must be made available in the event of technical issues.

D. Digital scoring must not be forced upon players.

  1. Any player or group may request, and the tournament director must provide, an alternative method of scoring for the player or group to use upon request.

2. If the player chooses to use an alternative method of scoring, event staff must verify the hole scores and total after submission.

E. Mobile devices should not be shared amongst players.

  1. Players in a group may agree on a single player to keep score for the entire round.

F. Discrepancies, provisional scores, or warnings for rules infractions must be recorded for each hole in accordance with rules 808 C and 808 E.

  1. Any time a provisional set of throws is recorded, the total score for the affected player should not be automatically submitted without a review and resolution by the event director.

G. Each player must review and positively confirm their scores at the end of the round before the total score is submitted.

We’ll have the live scoring up on the big screen TV at tournament central, so give us something to watch!

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