Challenge Part 2 Players:

  • Goat Hill Park will be open for disc golf practice from Sunday, August 16 – Thursday, August 20. You must pay greens fees, carts are available for an additional fee. You must reserve a tee time BEFORE you show up at the course at I am trying to get us a 2-hour slot of tee times available on Friday (8/21) but it is unlikely.
  • All baskets except for 12 and 13 are in their tournament locations. 12 will be moved to it’s tournament location (past the golf green on the right) this weekend. DO NOT DRIVE GOLF CARTS TO BASKET 12! THE NEW GRASS IS FRAGILE! Tournament basket 13 will be a portable basket placed next to the dead tree past golf green 13. It will be placed this weekend.
  • Which tees do we use? MP40, MP50, MP60, MA1, MA40 (“Back Tee Group”) will tee off from turf pads on all holes. You will be allowed to tee off to either side (3 feet) of these tees. FA1, MA2, MA3, MA50, MA60 (“Front Tee Group”) will tee off on turf pads except for on holes 1, 4, 8, 12, 15, 16, 18. The front tees will be on the fairway grass and will be marked with flags on tournament day. There will be paint marking the tees after this weekend. You can also find the tee locations on the new “Front Tees” layout we created on UDisc. Hole 8 will have a rubber mat front tee, placed just before the wood rails.
  • There are very few differences between the layout used for the Silver Series event and the “Part 2” event. Here are those differences:
    1) Long tee on hole 3 will not be used.
    2) FA1 will have “front tees” on holes 2 and 11.
    3) OB string lines have been removed from the following holes: 3, 4, 6, 11, 15. OB string will remain on holes 9, 10, 13.
    4) Basket 16 will be in it’s normal location.
    5) Holes 4 and 15 will have mandatory trees along the right side of the fairway.
  • This is the Caddie Book from the Silver Series event. “Back Tee Group” follow the MPO tees (except for Hole 3). “Front Tee Group” follow the FPO tees (except for FA1 tees on holes 2 and 11). The changes listed above have not yet been added: Silver Series Caddie Book
  • All players will be offered a cart to ride in. Please keep carts on the cart paths as much as possible. Do not drive carts within 30 feet of golf greens, bunkers, golf tees, disc golf baskets. Do not drive carts on steep slopes (other than the crazy cart path on hole 5). These carts have GPS “kill switches” – the pro shop can see where you are driving and can turn off your cart if you drive in dangerous locations. This may result in disqualification.
  • Tee times will be posted on on Thursday, 8/20 by noon. Tee time blocks (approximations) will be posted on Facebook and the tournament website on Monday, 8/17.
  • Be prepared to wear a mask. You are required to wear a mask in all “public areas” of Goat Hill Park (pro shop, patio, driving range, Playground, CTP contest area, PARKING LOT). Masks are recommended and MAY BE REQUIRED while you are riding in a cart. Masks can be removed when throwing, cardmates should maintain 6 ft of distance from throwers.
  • No spectators, no caddies. PDGA COVID guidelines and San Diego County Health Department guidelines.
  • We will be using PDGA Live Scoring. Please charge up your smartphone before coming to the course. It is a simple scorekeeping app.
  • Send any question by email to Please don’t post questions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. They will not be answered by tournament staff. During the tournament we will have a phone number you can call or text with questions.

Goat Hill Park is in beautiful condition! Get ready for a fun weekend!

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