Over here at “The Challenge Central” we’re working night and day (and in between night and day, if that’s a thing?) to come up with more ways to raise funds for Part 2 of the tournament. We made the decision a few weeks ago to try to raise funds for every player in the field to be able to ride in a cart. That’s a tall order. But it’s the only way the golf course was going to let us have more spots in the field, otherwise, they don’t make as much money as if the sold the tee times to ball golfers (they pay about twice what we pay…). Changing the entry fee after we already had 100 players signed up was out of the question…so…fundraising.

That’s why you’re seeing all of the posts for the CTP Contest ticket sales (did you know those CTP tickets are also raffle tickets?) and the polls about which disc to add next (for every 20 tickets sold we add another disc to the raffle prizes…). Check out the post just below this one to see the often-updated list of raffle prizes. Tickets are $5 each. Win the CTP contest and you walk away with an LVC Limited Edition Nate Sexton Firebird (worth over $400)!

But here, the story is fundraiser discs! Our friends and sponsors at Innova Disc Golf have been helping us in this fundraising folly by making some amazing discs available to us to sell as fundraisers for The Challenge, Part 2.

Here’s a list of what we have available ($20 each + shipping, except where noted), with photos down below the lists (COVID Goat™ stamp discs noted, strikethrough means they are all gone!).

  • Halo Star Shryke (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Halo Star Roadrunner (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Halo Star Leopard3 (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Color Glow Champion Eagles (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Color Glow Champion Gators (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Shimmer Star Shryke (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Shimmer Star Wraith (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Shimmer Star Wombat3 (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Echo Star Destroyer (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Splatter Star Destroyer (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Transitional (Swirly) Star Invictus (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Luster Champion TeeBird (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Blizzard Champion Destroyer (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Blizzard Champion Katana (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Blizzard Champion Valkyrie (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • GStar Tern (156-8g) (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Luster Champion Whippet-X (COVID Goat™ – $20)
  • Flat-Top Champion Firebird (Pre-COVID Goat – $20)
  • Color Glow Roc3 (Pre-COVID Goat – $20)
  • I-Dye Star Corvette (Pre-COVID Goat – $20)
  • Splatter Star Thunderbird (Pre-COVID Goat – $20)
  • Glow DX Sonic (COVID Goat™ – $15) All gone!!!
  • Glow DX Roc (COVID Goat™ – $15)
  • Glow DX Wombat3 (COVID Goat™ – $15)
  • Glow Aviar Putt & Approach (COVID Goat™ – $15)
  • DX Classic Aviar (COVID Goat™ – $15)
  • DX Aviar3 (COVID Goat™ – $15)
  • DX Skeeter (COVID Goat™ – $15)
  • DX Rhyno (COVID Goat™ – $15)
  • DX Stingray (COVID Goat™ – $15)
  • DX Dart (COVID Goat™ – $15)
  • DX Wolf (COVID Goat™ – $15)
  • Glow DX Zephyr (Pre-COVID Goat™ – $15)
  • JK Aviar (Pre-COVID Goat™ – $15)

We also have some discs left over from the 2019 Challenge and from the Golden Sombrero Series of Ice Bowls that we are selling for the low, low price of $5 each! You can get one of these $5 discs for each disc you buy from the $20 list. Here’s what we have:

  • 2019 Challenge Black DX Aviar
  • 2019 Challenge Color Glow Aviar X3
  • 2019 Challenge Splatter Star Destroyer
  • 2019 Challenge Shimmer Star Destroyer
  • 2019 Challenge Color Glow Champion Firebird
  • 2019 Challenge Star Corvette
  • Golden Sombrero Star Rat
  • Golden Sombrero Luster Champion Rhyno
  • Golden Sombrero Champion Mako
  • Golden Sombrero Star Spider
  • Golden Sombrero Color Glow Champion Firebird
  • Golden Sombrero Color Glow Champion Shryke
  • Golden Sombrero GStar Wraith
  • Golden Sombrero GStar Archon
  • Golden Sombrero GStar Katana
  • Golden Sombrero GStar Shark
  • Golden Sombrero Star Cro
  • Golden Sombrero Champion Banshee

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