Assistant TD AJ Risley introduces the fundraiser

Help us raise funds for Part 2 of The Challenge at Goat Park – Driven by Innova!

Sign up now for a CTP contest that we are holding to help raise funds for Part 2 of The Challenge.  We are raising funds for the pro payout, Am player pack and some amenities that can be shared by all players (carts, perhaps?). Click here to buy CTP tickets!

The prize for this CTP contest is a Limited Edition Las Vegas Challenge Nate Sexton Firebird!  This is one of the grey smoky Champion Firebirds with the Sexton Firebird stamp and the little LVC special edition stamp.  These discs have been selling on auction sites for several hundred dollars!  The disc is signed by Nate Sexton, not too long after he won the Las Vegas Challenge tournament.  We will be holding the CTP contest during the weekend of The Challenge, Part 2 (August 22-23), on the “Playground” area at Goat Hill Park.  The shot will be less than 200 ft, which will give more players a chance at winning.  You do not need to be entered in the tournament to play the CTP contest, but you do need to purchase a ticket.  You will get one throw for each ticket that you purchase.

And about those tickets...if you don’t win the Sexton Firebird CTP your tickets will give you a chance to win some of our runner-up prizesThe first runner up prize is  new Zuca cart, Dynamic Discs Defender bag and 4 Tour Support discs (Philo Brathwaite Glow Destroyer (signed), Yeti Pro Aviar (signed by Jay “Yeti” Reading), Clint Calvin US Am Nats Champion Commemorative PA-3 (signed) and an AJ Risley bottom-stamped Outlaw).  All those items are one prize package!

And…as we sell more tickets we will add more prizes!  For every 20 tickets sold we will add an additional item to the pot.  You can help us decide what makes it onto the prize list – watch the story feed for the tournament Instagram account (@thechallengeatgoathill) and Tournament Director Allen Risley’s story feed on Facebook for polls where you can vote on the next disc to be added.

Check out the photo gallery below for all of the items that are included in the CTP/raffle so far. Remember, the more tickets you buy, the more prizes we will add!

Many thanks to our prize donors: Joe Rotan, Teddy Barber, Jeff Jacquart, AJ Risley, Philo Brathwaite, Thomas Gilbert, Max Nichols, Ryan Walters, Clint Calvin

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