Thank you everyone for helping our Halo disc fundraising effort! All of the Innova Halo fundraiser discs with the “Challenge Me!” goat stamp have been sold! But we still have lots of discs for sale to help raise funds for the pro side of The Challenge at Goat Hill Park. The more fundraising we do between now and tournament time, the better the field we can draw.

We have a variety of Challenge Me discs available, most of them for $20 each:

  • “Transitional” (read: Swirly) Star Invictus (with the “COVID Goat®” stamp)
  • Luster Champion Whippets (COVID Goat®)
  • I-Dye Star Corvettes
  • Luster Champion TeeBirds
  • Flat-top Champion Firebirds
  • Echo Star Destroyers
  • Splatter Star Destroyers
  • Splatter Star Thunderbirds
  • Color Glow Champion Roc3s
  • Glow JK Pro Aviars ($15)
  • Glow DX Zephyrs ($15)

And throughout the month of June (until June 30, 2020), for each one of these discs you buy at the $20 price, you can add another two discs from the list below for an additional $5 each! These are discs that We have left over from the 2019 Challenge @ GHP or the Golden Sombrero Ice Bowl Series. There are only 1 or 2 of most of these, so if you’re interested, don’t wait too long to contact us! If you want to get some discs, email and please include your zipcode in the email so we can figure out shipping costs (via PayPal is, Venmo is @Rizbee. Here’s the list of $5 discs:

  • 2019 Challenge Black DX Aviar
  • 2019 Challenge Color Glow Aviar X3
  • 2019 Challenge Splatter Star Destroyer
  • 2019 Challenge Shimmer Star Destroyer
  • 2019 Challenge Color Glow Champion Firebird
  • 2019 Challenge Star Corvette
  • 2019 Challenge Glow Champion Corvette
  • 2019 Challenge Color Glow Champion Corvette
  • Golden Sombrero Star Rat
  • Golden Sombrero Luster Champion Rhyno
  • Golden Sombrero Champion Mako
  • Golden Sombrero Star Spider
  • Golden Sombrero Color Glow Champion Firebird
  • Golden Sombrero Color Glow Champion Shryke
  • Golden Sombrero GStar Wraith
  • Golden Sombrero GStar Archon
  • Golden Sombrero GStar Katana
  • Golden Sombrero GStar Shark
  • Golden Sombrero Star Cro
  • Golden Sombrero Champion Banshee

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