One of the ways we raise the money to hold big, fun, challenging disc golf tournaments is by selling discs (those straw bales on hole #5 aren’t free, you know?). We have a whole series of special-stamp fundraiser discs from our partners at Innova Disc Golf and they are currently for sale! Here’s a list of what we started with – as we run out of certain models we will cross through them. We’ll add some colors and weights to the list as time allows, along with a photo gallery. Most discs are $20, with a few models at $15. Please don’t try to grind us on the price – you’re only making it harder for us to pay for the players party, caddie book, tee signs, player packs, straw bales, miles of pink OB string, etc., etc. Help us make this year’s Challenge bigger and better!

If you would like to purchase one or twenty, contact Allen Risley at, or through PM on Facebook or Instagram. If you need to have the disc shipped, shipping costs are extra.

Disc Choices:

  • Halo Firebirds:
  • Halo Sidewinders:
  • Halo Roadrunners:
  • Halo Thunderbords:
  • I-Dye Star Corvettes:
  • Luster Champion TeeBirds:
  • Flat-top Champion Firebirds:
  • Echo Star Destroyers:
  • Splatter Star Destroyers:
  • Splatter Star Thunderbirds:
  • Color Glow Champion Roc3s:
  • Glow JK Pro Aviars:
  • Glow DX Zephyrs ($15):
  • Glow DX Sonics ($15, with Garrett Gurthie signature):

Here are some examples:

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