Little did I know when I decided to embrace the “Challenge Me!” theme for the 2020 Challenge at Goat Hill Park that this 2020 season would turn out to be such a difficult challenge – not just for running a disc golf tournament but even life in general. COVID-19 has reared its ugly head and we all are left scrambling – some to work or go to school…and some for our lives. I want to send positive energy (and prayers) out to everyone facing difficulties during this unprecedented time.

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As for our little disc golf tournament? Well, it’s still on for now. I am proceeding as if we are gong to hold a disc golf tournament at Goat Hill Park on June 5-7, 2020. The management at Goat Hill Park is on board with us. Now we have to see if the COVID-19 virus and the health of our population will be in line with that. As of this writing (Sunday, March 22, 2020) the PDGA has not cancelled events in June. The shelter in place orders from the State of California, San Diego County and the City of Oceanside are open-ended, but if the public health emergency subsides those orders will be rescinded. So while it’s probably VERY optimistic to think we’ll be challenging the Goat on June 5-7, I am proceeding with my planning as if we will be. Worst case scenario is that if the June 5-7 date won’t work we will change to a later date. Goat Hill Park is open to working with us if that comes up. They like hosting big parties.

That being said, if you have registered for The Challenge and want to drop out and get a refund, email me at and I’ll take care of you. But you might want to hold your place in line…

-Allen Risley, Tournament Director, The Challenge at Goat Hill Park

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