A lot of work is being done to bring a top-level disc golf tournament to Goat Hill Park on May 3-5, 2019: The Challenge at Goat Hill Park – Driven by Innova. Our bid to join the Disc Golf Pro Tour includes:

  • 200 tournament players – including the largest field of 1,000-rated players ever seen in San Diego County and the most 1,000-rated players at a PDGA event May 3-5, 2019
  • Friday Night Welcome Player Party at the Goat
  • Next-day video coverage from Central Coast Disc Golf
  • UDiscLive scoring for MPO/FPO
  • USDGC invitations for 5 MPO players
  • “Challenge the Goat Amber” – a beer brewed especially for the event
  • Cinco de Mayo party after the final putt on Sunday – with 3 live bands!
  • Challenge the Goat Freaker socks in the Am player pack, along with 2 tournament-stamp discs
  • At least $4,000 in added ca$h to the pro field
  • New turf tee pads on all 18 holes
  • A full vendor experience on-site, with two food vendors, craft beer, DiscGolfValues.com, SDSF, Nitro Monkey Coffee, and more…

How can you help make this tournament, bigger…better…funner…prize-ier (OK, I made up that last word)?

  • Share this post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Next Door, wherever you can on social media
  • Jump in as a sponsor (we have tee signs available) or share the sponsor brochure with your friends, your boss, your rich uncle or aunt
  • Buy some of the cool Goat-stamped fundraiser discs we have available, including the first run of Splatter Star discs Innova has made
  • Buy some of our other schwag: Goat Supporter bag tags, Play Disc Golf! Freaker bottle coozies, Challenge the Goat Freaker socks, Challenge to Goat pins from discgolfpins.com
  • Be a VIP spectator for $20 – gets you a VIP lanyard, beverage coupon and a tournament-stamp disc
  • Slip the TD a twenty
  • Any or all of the above!!!

We have a chance to get The Challenge at Goat Hill Park on one of the major disc golf tours in the future. Help us do that by making this event one to remember!!!

Thanks!!!!!! – Allen Risley, Tournament Director, PDGA #1752

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