Goat Hill Park has many disc golf fans out there in Frisbeterian-land, but one sore spot that shows up in many reviews is the condition of the tee pads. Yes, the original rubber mats have seen better days. So it’s time to do something about that. It’s turf time!

New turf tee pads on the way!

The details are being worked out as I type this, but this much I can tell you – all 18 holes at the Goat will get new turf tee pads, professionally installed, with some minor adjustments to the locations of a few tees (e.g., #2 will no longer point straight at a tree, #14 will no longer be in a drainage path, etc.).

But if you’ve ever looked into the price of artificial turf…it ain’t cheap. Sure, we could cut costs by buying used turf or by trying to install it ourselves; but if we’re going to do this we’re going to do it right. The amazing partners at Goat Hill Park are ponying up much of the cost of these new pads, but not all of it. That’s where YOU come in. Innova Disc Golf is helping out as well by allowing The Challenge to be the first event to have a custom hotstamp on their new Splatter Star plastic run of discs. In the next few days we will begin selling Destroyers, TeeBirds and Shrykes made of Splatter Star plastic with the tournament stamp for The Challenge at Goat Hill Park – Driven by Innova. The discs run $20 with ALL of the proceeds from the sales going towards improving the tee pads at Goat Hill Park!

These first run Splatter discs will be available soon for sale at Goat Hill Park and at any place where you see TD Allen Risley. You can also email Allen at contact@challengeratgoathillpark.com or comment on our Instagram or Twitter feeds to make a purchase. There will be a variety of colors available. If you’ve ever cursed the tee pads at the Goat, now’s your chance to help make the tee pads better. Buy a Splattered Goat today!

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