Ever heard of a trifecta? Its a type of bet at a horse racing track where you try to bet the winners of three races. Well, this year at The Challenge we will have the “Goat-Fecta”. What the heck is that you say? The Goat-Fecta is a contest where players will earn points based on their finish at three events: The Jonesboro Open, The Glass Blown Open and The Challenge at Goat Hill Park – Driven by Innova. Points will be earned using the point schedule used by the Disc Golf Pro Tour, with points for Goat Hill doubled. Touring pros who compete in those events will be playing for added cash based on their points:

MPO: 1st – $200, 2nd – $100, 3rd – $50

FPO: 1st – $100, 2nd – $50

This is a way for us to provide a little added incentive for touring pros to head southwest to Oceanside, CA after their week in Emporia. Right now we have $500 budgeted for the Goat-Fecta, which is above and beyond the $4,000 in added cash to the pro purse we have in the current budget. And we’re working on ways to raise even more!

So if you’re a touring pro, make your travel plans to head to sunny Oceanside after Emporia. And if you’re not a touring pro…we have tee sign sponsorships and Goat merchandise for sale to raise funds for the payout! See you at the Goat!!!

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