Registration for The Challenge opens up next week: Monday, January 21st, 2019 at 12:15 pm (Pacific time) for the B-tier event (All Am divisions and age-protected Pros), while the A-tier opens on Thursday, January 24th at 12:15pm (Pacific time) (MPO and FPO).

Registration links:

A-tier (MPO/FPO):

B-tier (Ams and age-protected Pros):

Why 12:15pm, you may ask? Well, it’s midday so if there are any technical issues the tech gurus at DGU will be available to provide help. And it’s set for 15 minutes after the hour because I was told that setting the time for 12:00pm was “ambiguous” (some people get confused about whether 12:00 pm is noon or midnight…).

We’re not expecting to have a mad rush for registration, but just in case, please, please, please only use ONE device to access the registration page. When you use more than one device (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) those extra devices take up server connections, which then slows down server access and makes the registration slower for everyone (yourself included). Those multiple devices also make it more likely that you will register (and get charged) more than one time, which then means you’ll have to spend extra time getting a refund. Finally, if you want to see whether your registration went through, DON’T check the list on DGU – check your email for the confirmation email OR check the registration list on the page for the tournament. DGU now quickly and automatically updates the PDGA page in near- real time, which is a great improvement.

Also, please note that we have set division caps on all of the B-tier event divisions. Those caps were set in order to make sure that we have divisions with multiples of 4 players, so you’ll be able to be sure that everyone on your tournament card is in the same division as you. And the cap amounts were set based on the number of players that played in that division for the last two years of The Challenge. If some of the divisions do not fill, the extra spots will get moved to other divisions well in advance of the tournament (there’s only so much you can control in this life…).

We have nearly DOUBLED the size of the field this year. The expansion of the field is currently being earmarked for the MPO and FPO divisions – all other divisions will be generally the same size as the past few years. Why? Because we’re trying to take The Challenge to the “next level”. With major help from Innova Disc Golf, we have added features (USDGC invitations, CCDG next-day video coverage, UDiscLive online scoring) this year that we hope will draw some top-level professional discs golfers to the Goat. Why? Because we think it would be a lot of fun to see a top-level field play this ornery beast of a course. AND, we think that a top-flight field may help draw some spectators to the course…and that might get more recognition for disc golf in our area…which might help lead to more courses for all of us to play. It’s an idea…let’s see if we can make it work.

See you in May!

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